About us

For over 5 years now, unadug.net has researched and learned the fastest ways to fuel the human body. I have helped over 5000 people with a lot of weight to lose successfully reach their goals healthfully. I currently practice Dietetics in the public and private sectors in Ontario, Canada. However, my passion is to share with and empower as many people as I can by providing them with evidenced based cutting edge nutrition protocols that they can use to change their lives and health for the better!

Like most Dietitians, I’m frustrated with my profession. The more I studies I read, the more I see that current standards of practice for nutritional science are woefully inadequate & completely outdated, as well as being somewhat suspicious of being economically driven!!! Most importantly, they don’t work for most people!

It’s clear that my profession had developed tunnel vision revolving medical and pharmaceutical communities. Due to this old school attitude surrounding effective body fat management, I invested numerous hours and tens of thousands of dollars to study and perfect behavioral, dietary and physical intervention skills for effective fat, fitness and health & longevity management. Now that I am licensed and researching and practicing on my own terms, and performing regular clinical & academic research, I can honestly say that I believe I have the answer as to the best nutrition practices for body composition management, performance and long term health and you can bet that it is a holistic approach including behavioral change principles.