How Can We Reduce Cholesterol In The Blood

Adequate nutrition

Healthy food should contain a minimum of saturated fatty acids (which are butter, bacon, lard, etc..) and salt, and as many vegetables, fruits and water-soluble fiber. Such foods reduce the fat in the blood, thereby protecting blood vessels. Should eat at least four times a day. Breakfast is one of the most important meal and it really should not let go. Last meal eat at least two hours before bedtime. Avoid snacks.

Fats are not banned, but aware of the need to be highly calorific and therefore must be consumed only in limited quantities, especially when taking the diet also reduced body weight.

In moderate quantities we consume polyunsaturated fatty acidsalso reduce the cholesterol in the blood. These fatty acids are vegetable oils (sunflower, corn, rapeseed) and in food products from these seeds. Very useful are the fish (sardine, tuna, etc..) Rich in omega 3 fatty acids These acids act on the heart protective. You should eat fish at least once a week.

Helpful monounsaturated fatty acidsin olive oil and avocados. Many experts recommend it in moderation, reducing cholesterol in the blood.

Harmful as saturated fatty acids contained in meat and meat products, cheese and whole milk, and, trans-fatty acids in margarine, because they increase the content of cholesterol and coronary risk. These food products should be avoided.

It is desirable to eat foods containing more fiber (cereals, vegetables, fruits, legumes and various nuts). These foods reduce cholesterol and LDL cholesterol more effectively than this can be achieved by limiting intake of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. In addition, they provide a feeling of satiety and help regulate body weight. Soluble fiber (eg psyllium pods, guar gum, oat bran – 3g/day) effectively reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Green tea reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol and increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol content. Believe that catechin, a substance that inhibits the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and promote its excretion from the body. Green tea contains antioxidant substances that would prevent the formation of cancer.

Numerous studies have shown that daily consumption of soy (20 to 40 g) instead of animal protein can reduce cholesterol.

The flowers and fruits of white hawthorn in folk medicine and homeopathy is very popular for the prevention of heart attacks, chest pain, arrhythmias and heart failure. Research has shown that the tincture of white hawthorn fruits effectively reduce cholesterol. Experiments have shown that in animals tincture cholesterol inhibits the formation of the liver in humans, this operation has not yet been confirmed.

Many studies have shown that garlic reduces cholesterol in the blood. It is not clear how much you need to eat and whether there is a difference in performance when consumed fresh garlic or garlic preparations.