How to Choose a Sleep Doctor

If you have difficulties with slipping, you should seek help from a sleep doctor but how to choose him? Of course, your attending physician can give you an appointment card to a sleep doctor but you have more options here than you expect. Before choosing a specialist who will treat and help you, you should take into account the following details.

Who is a sleep doctor

If you suffer from sleep disorder and seek a cure for this, you should know that many professionals will take part in your care. As already mentioned, the first doctor you should visit is your attending physician. Then, he can refer you to a sleep expert, most often a practitioner too, or to a midlevel specialist, for example, a nurse practitioner or a medical assistant fulfilling his duty supervised by a physician. Auxiliary staff studying your sleep may be also involved. So, one of the most significant part of your treatment is a choice of your sleep specialist and the medical center providing your treatment.

Sleep specialist training

Certified sleep specialists have studied for many years.
Doctors become college graduates after four-year education, go to medical school, then finish their three or five-year residency and, finally, study sleep medicine for two years. Specialists can pursue their sleep fellowship after studying many specialties, for example:

• Pulmonary medicine;
• Family practice;
• General medicine;
• Pediatrics;
• Neurology;
• Mental medicine;
• Otorhinolaryngology.

Some doctors may practice sleep medicine even if they are not formally certified. But sleep specialists of superior expert category study for a very long time, complete their training and pass national examination showing their professionalism. Moreover, graduates who have recently completed their study need to show their great knowledge of this sphere and to be re-certified every 10 years taking board exams.

Selecting a sleep doctor with credentials

First of all, you should consult the doctor who has a sleep medicine credential and who is certified by American Board of Medical Specialties. This means that professionalism of the specialist was inspected and that he passed all board tests and exams proving his knowledge in this sphere.

If you need to go through additional sleep tests beyond a clinic evaluation, you can also visit a sleep center accredited by Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Selecting a right sleep doctor

Now it is not so difficult to find a sleep specialist. You may ask your attending physician, family members or friends for some advice. You may read some feedbacks or comments on the work of a particular doctor online, as we live in the Internet era. Make sure that the chosen specialist is accessible and affordable to you and that he will provide a proper treatment.

After choosing the doctor you will probably want to be aware of if the doctor can fit your specific needs. In the first stage, you can check it by considering how your condition is diagnosed.

You can also choose a center providing more thorough testing including:

• Polysomnography;
• Testing on sleep apnea;
• Testing on hyposomnia;
• Testing on sleep latency.

From day to day more resources and methods available appear, technologies are developing, and this all gives you a good opportunity to find a reliable sleep specialist meeting all your needs.